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The contact person is of the utmost importance for WE ARE. They are responsible for collecting vital relief locally. To serve as a contact you just have to make your energy and some of your time available.


These are the easy steps you need to take in order to become a local contact:

Please address your request to our email address –

Please provide your personal details and allow us to include them in the CONTACTS list (information such as your private address, e-mail and telephone numbers are left to your discretion).

The above data will be published  in the CONTACTS List  and included in the CONTACTS community on Facebook


You will immediately become a key delegate in your area, someone to be in touch with in order to get information about our NPO (please remember that promotion means a lot to us!). People will ask you how they can contribute to the cause of WE ARE. You will be allowed to organise events, info points, but you will especially manage collections of aids to be sent off.



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